DNA-1 Rev. A or DNA-125 / 225??

I'm looking for an amp upgrade and I noticed the market for stock McCormack DNA-125's and DNA-225 is very comparable to the McCormack DNA-1 Revision A amps.

Does anyone have any thoughts or insight to what the major differences are (sonically and mechanically)? In your opinion, which one is a better buy? I'm running Dynaudio Contour 3.8's and switch in Totem Mani-2's on occasion.
The SMcaudio revisions are an in entirely league than the stock versions. I have Rev A DNA 1 and 0.5, and I can assure you the revisions catapult the fine McCormack DNA amps into a different league. I suggest that you check out the SMcAudio website (http://www.smcaudio.com/) and see for yourself what goes into the revisions. Regards, Jim
DNA 1 Rev A is a bargain at the same price as a 125. Difference in power from 185-225 wpc is insignificant.
No doubt! Take the Rev. A all the way! It's really no comparison at all.

Happy hunting,

If anyone knows of a DNA-1 Rev A at the price of a 125...I'll take it.