DK Design Group VS-1 what powercord/ic are using?


This thread isn't being started to start a war over this integrated amp but goes out to owners who are experimenting with different powercords and interconnects. I really am enjoying this amp and haven't yet tried any aftermarket pcs yet but am considering it. I have used Audioquest Cheetah 36v dbs, Acoustic Zen silver ref II, and the DK Design interconnect. I really like the Acoustic Zen cable the best in my system so far. I was really suprised at how good the included DK Design ic is. I just wonder if any others out there who would like to share their thoughts. I would really like to know about powercords too. I have some cca tubes on the way but am having success with nos amperex orange globe gold pin 6922. I look forward to your comments and experiences. I hope this thread stays on topic and doesn't get political or argumentative over the quality of this integrated. I know it works for me in my system but am not claiming it is the best amplifier ever. Thanks everyone.
Hi there Nicksgem,

I am using Audusa Eupen Ferrite impregnated cables.
Excellent value and available made up or DIY from
Can't comment on other power cables as I haven't tried them. But the technology of the German Eupen cable is very significant and works.

I have tried TMC White, Yellow, Xindak FA-Gold and FA-1, and a home made silver interconnect and the supplied IC from DK Design is as good as any. Different. Seems slightly smoother and what at first appears less detailed, but really it's not etchy and over the top. The details is there but not so obvious.

I enjoy my amp too as you do. It will be interesting to hear from others regarding IC's, Valves and Power Cables.
Hello Nick,could you please describe how your amp sounds!!!

I have had the amp for about 1 month now so it isn't enough time to give the final word on it but I will tell my feelings to this point. I am not a very seasoned audiophile having only been into "hi-fi" for the past year but always been a big fan of music. The amp has a very sweet sound paired with my Coincident Super Eclipse speakers. I have only owned solid state equipment before this and really don't feel I have given up bass like I would have guessed. I had a Krell KSA100s which I loved and really didn't want to replace. I don't regret it. This amplifier provides excellent bass and liquid midrange that I was missing before now. It seems effortless when I ask for more. I know it is still breaking in but I enjoyed it day one out of the box. I plan on attempting an actual review in a few months to let others know of my experience. I am not a reviewer or writer, simply a fellow audiogoner who enjoys reading others opinions and putting in my 2 cents. Thanks Padre-power for your post on your findings. Hopefully we will hear from others too.
I have had my DK Amp for a short period of time and it is paired with Von Schweikert VR4 Jr speakers and a Lector CD player. I find this thread interesting as I have been using Audience AU24 Interconnects between the amp and CD player and Audience AU24 speaker cable also. I have Telefunken 12AT7 Tubes in the Cd player and Amperex 7308 Orange label tubes in the DK amp. I use Audience Powerchords. I had been breaking the amp in and felt that I was not getting the richness from the Amperex that I thought I would hear. The system had much resolution and detail but the sound was a tad thin through the speakers.

Today, I switched out the Audience AU24 Interconnect and put in the DK Interconnect. This has made a drastic change in the sound. It is much more full bodied and has much of the richness that I thought I would get from the NOS Amperex tubes. The DK cable seems to be quite smooth and quick and also full bodied. In my system, it added some very nice characteristics to the Von Schweikerts sound. I have only had the DK Interconnect in for a short time and plan to go back and forth with the Audience AU24 interconnect. So far, I have not noticed a loss of detail with the DK interconnect but have gained in the other areas as I mentioned. Audience AU24 is known for its detail and resolution and natural musicality. I plan to have the DK interconnect in my system for a period of time so I can hear more of my collection and how the music is effected. After a period of time, I plan to go back to the Audience AU24 and do another comparison by listening to that again. So far, I am very impressed with the DK interconnect as the system is quite enjoyable to listen to. I love the richness to the sound and the smoothness through the midrange. What are other DK amp owners doing in terms of this issue? Stephen
I use a Xindak FP Gold. Sounds good to me. I have it running to a voltage adaptor that converts 220 into 110 as my amp came with US voltage instead of European. That is all connected to an Isotek mini-sub


I am using Analysis Plus power cord. On my old tube amp I noticed a small but beneficial improvement with this cord and on the Sony CD player a very small detectable differnece. On the DK I noted a very substantial and immediate improvement in "focus", vertical and horizontal soundstaging, tightness of bass and integration of upper midrange to treble. Thanks to some of the above responses for Ic suggestions. Mike
Anybody tried a computerpowercord?
I got mine VS1 with a US powercord , I live in Holland so couldn`t use it.
DK Design advised me to use the comp. pc.