In need of a powercord

I have acquire an Adcom GFA 5802 and need of a powercord for under $100. Any recommendation will be appreciated.
I have two Zu Birth 2m PCs available. One new, one used. Let me know if you're interested.
Signal Cable or Pangea.
I wouldn't go hog wild on a cable that cost almost as much as the Adcaom, keep it simple the above advice is good.
The NAIM $30 power cords will work fine.

Another vote for the Naim Tibia power cord. Check out Gene Rubin Audio, right here on A'gon. Gene's a long time Naim dealer and a great guy. He might also recommend something else within your price range that's even better.
Thanks for all the response.
I just got some Pangea AC-9s (not the SEs) for Cyber 800 mono blocks. Out of the box, I heard improvement over the generic 14 AWG cords I had been using.

Can't say how they will work in your Adcom but Audio Advisor has a 30 day return policy so might be worth checking out. You can get them on Amazon too w/free shipping.

I ordered a couple Opera-Ella Baby powercords on a hunch and was not disappointed. There a big sounding pc with very good dynamics. When compared to my Acoustic Revive-Ref. they lack refinement but are not embarrassed by the AR. Check with Quest For Sound to see if they still discount this great budget pc.
I'm about to try the Supra LoRad 2.5 in my system. Got a good review in Positive Feedback a while back, and if you're willing to take a few minutes to screw the plugs on the ends of the cable they can be had for about $65 for 1.5m. Best of luck.
Thanks for the recommendations. What AWG should the cord be for my amp?
For that amp which I have owned , get a JPS Labs gsp 2. I found one used for $50. It will wake up that amp. Good luck
Try the Von Schweikert Master Built line. They have various price points that would fit a variety of budgets. These are great performers.
Thanks for all the response. It all came down to two cables, the MagicPower and the AC-9. Which one do you perfer between the two? Thanks
If you buy used, you could probably get both for your $100 budget and try them. Keep the one you like best and sell the other one.

I have both and prefer the Signal Cable on some equipment, but the Pangea on others.
I have the MagicPower in my system and pretty happy with it. You cannot go wrong with Signal Cable.
This is a well travelled discussion in many threads in AGON and other audio forums.

(1) There is no escaping that swapping in and swapping out alternatives yourself will be the only litmus test as to what sounds best in YOUR system. Why? Because the varying testimonials in A-GON are only biased personal opinions with no basis of fact or measure of assurance that their recommended choices will actually work best in YOUR system. I have personally experienced where a $1,000+ power chord sounded markedly inferior to the $250 power chord as recomended by the CDP and amp manufacturer IN MY SYSTEM (emphasis added - in my system); and the differences were not subtle.

(2) Suggestion: get your audio buddies involved and try to get a loaner from the dealer or a friend for the week-end to experiment. Let's remember that this is a journey and rarely -- if ever -- a destination.

(3) Lastly, a blind purchase cheapo swap-in is usually high risk and ultimately may actually work out for the worse. Operative words: "blind purchase" is a risk that is entirely avoidable. There may be some great bargains out there for sure, and you do not have to blow the wad. However is a blind purchase risk something you are willing to take; because that time honoured axiom highlights that frequently you get only what you pay for.