DIY Power Cords

I'm interested in trying a DIY power cord and I'm looking for the names of, and sources for the components. I'm aware of the four parts of a good power cord. They are the plug, the cable, some shrink wrap, and the IEC connector. I've heard good things about Hubbell plugs and they're easy to find but I'm looking for the aformentioned names and sources for the rest of the components. Any thoughts, suggestions, ideas? Any and all input is welcome.

Dan :-)
Check out Kevin is a class act, and he sells all the parts nessecary to make Bob Crump's "Asylum" cord. Pass & Seymour, Belden parts. Great, great cords, especially for forty bucks. Cheers!
I use the Marinco plugs and IEC connectors with excellent results, which are based on the expensive WattGate products. Marinco makes the plugs for Ray Kimber's WattGate company.

The place to order the Marinco plugs is Incidently, PS Audio uses the Marinco plugs on their highly regarded Lab Cables, I've noticed. Check out some power cord designs on the web like Chris Venhaus' "Flavor 1, 2, & 3" (, and the Alan Maher designs on the AV Science Forum (

Do a User Name search under "Alan Maher" in the Audio Video Improvements forum and a whole list of his DIY power cords and such will pop up, including his $50 Synergistic Research A/C Master Coupler Clone project and the recent Perfect Cable designed DIY Power Cord recipe.

I built the Venhaus Flavor 2, with 10 AWG Home Depot stranded THHN copper and I really like it vs. the stock cord that came with my EAD PowerMaster 500. And I built the Perfect Cable DIY project also with 10 AWG, which is a 4 wire braided design. It is still burning in at the moment, but initially the Perfect Cable sounded bigger and more open in the mids and highs, but had less focus and control in the bass compared to the Venhaus. Alan assures me that the bass will imporve with around 100 hours burn-in. has much debate on the topic of the "best" A/C and IEC plugs and even outlet receptacles. Click on "Cable Asylum", then start searching under names like Marinco, Leviton, Pass & Seymour, Hubbell, Furutech (probably the best IEC, $60!), WattGate, Eagle, etc.

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Good Luck!