DIY Cable sleeves, where can I buy.......

Hello there DIY gurus, trying to pretty up my Powercord.
Where can I buy beautiful sleeves or expandable braided sleeves to cover my DIY Powercord...

Looking for example the fancy blue and green type from MOON AUDIO or something in that type, not ordinary expandable bright colors...looking for a variety. Not for commercial use but for personal use only

A couple of sources are and On the site, just choose "Techflex" frm the "Search by brand name" drop-down menu on the left of the home page.
Search google:

expandable nylon braid


expandable fiberglas braid
Since you are located in Canada, here are 3 Canadian online suppliers

Each have exactly what you are looking for and more.
Sorry, some how the above post only included one Canadian source but listed it twice. In any event, the other two online sources are: