Digital mag subscription and iPad

Would appreciate if anyone can share their user experience using the iPad to read their audio mag subscription in digital format?

Been thinking of getting one to replace my Touch, which has mainly functioned as remote for my Sonos, but would also like the iPad to double up as reader and move my subcription to digital format and get rid of print copies. Does the mag copy fill the screen nicely and easy to read? Can you still pinch to zoom in/out of a page? Does the copy arrive in email as PDF attachment or a download link sent via email?

I like reading on bed or while music listening and thought the device could serve its purpose well. Plus the fact I could keep past issues easily and browse back quickly if searching for something.


I have an ipad and it is a nice device. It makes a pretty good reader and yes you can pinch to zoom. The device makes it easy to surf the web and read articles but does not support
flash so keep that in mind.

I like to do light reading but still prefer "analogue" media for longer sessions of reading.


Thanks, Ck. Yes, I'm aware of the non-flash support, thank you, it's the same with the iPod Touch with web surfing. But in particular would like to know if the subscription copy fits well on the screen too.

I think it works fine and subscription copy reads ok. I would advise you to see for yourself as my viewing opinion may vary.

Thanks again, Ck.

Did get one and yes the PDFs work beautifully. Tried it with a free download and here's how it looks. Unlike books, you can pinch PDFs to zoom in/out which is great.

Thought this info might benefit those thinking about taking the same route.
I have subscribed to "Stereophile" through Zinio, an iPad app (and web magazine service). I love it (I still have the actual magazine coming to the house, for now, as my subscription hasn't run out yet). I also subscribed to "The Absolute Audiophile", an international, e-magazine only rag that I have enjoyed as well. Check them out at to see if you have an interest.


I also subscribed thru Zinio, very nice. It's a different methodology than receiving copies in PDFs, which I think is great too as it saves archiving space in the long term. The other publications I'm interested are in Zinio so that's good.

Thanks for sharing, John.
The other use I would like to use the ipad for is as a remote control for a music server. That would be very cool.

Ck, this is what I now use the iPad for my Sonos system. Previously was using an iPod Touch which works wonderfully too. iPhone can be used as well.

While I was content with the iPod Touch, I wanted something that doubled up as a magazine reader while music listening and the iPad is perfect. I think I will be using this combo for a long time.