Qobuz Studio Premier subscription available in USA & UK but not in rest of Europe

Qobuz introduced Studio Premier subscription with lower price in USA & UK but not yet in the rest of Europe.Do any European Audiogon Qobuz users know why and/or when it will be introduced in the rest of Europe?Delays by Qobuz in aligning new subscription model across Europe is very disappointing.
Does Qobuz in Europe face stiff competition from Amazon Music?
I suspect that was more of a driver for the pricing here in the USA than anything else.
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You are right but I think the OP is questioning pricing in Europe.

Looks like the UK and the USA have received lower tier pricing but not Europe.
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My friends pronounce it as QUE BUZZ

But what the heck do they know.

I say Quo Buzz.

And I am never right...….

However possibly it is Co Buzz?
Co Boose. Like caboose, but co, instead of ca. If you want to make it easier, just say co booze. 
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There is an article in the March 2020 TAS about Qobuz.  They talk about the origin of the name but not how to pronounce it.  I pronounce it 
kuh BOOZE, which I got from another article somewhere.

The TAS article is basically an overview.
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I recently subscribed to Qobuz, still in the free first month period. For some reason, I’m finding the SQ to be better than Tidal. The music is less edgy, a bit more fuller and refined sounding compared to Tidal. Is it just my imagination, or are there others who can relate to my observations?

Oh by the way, the ’suggested’ playlists and albums are also so much closer to my taste in music. I have nothing against hip hop, but it’s just not my cup of tea. And I can appreciate it that unlike Tidal, Qobuz doesn’t hang it out in front of me regardless of my preferences.

I’m seriously thinking of cancelling my Tidal subscription.
I was satisfied with Qobuz until they introduced better offerings/pricing in USA & UK an not in the rest of Europe (probably due to lack of competition from for ex Amazon Music). Hence I didn’t renew my Qobuz subscription.
I am now trying Tidal Hifi with their 4 month for 4 euro trial period.
So far I happy with Tidal Hifi. I do not hear any noticable sound difference vs Qobuz with my set-up (Lyngdorf 2170 / Auralic Aries Mini connected thru USB).