Qobuz Studio Premier subscription available in USA & UK but not in rest of Europe

Qobuz introduced Studio Premier subscription with lower price in USA & UK but not yet in the rest of Europe.Do any European Audiogon Qobuz users know why and/or when it will be introduced in the rest of Europe?Delays by Qobuz in aligning new subscription model across Europe is very disappointing.
Does Qobuz in Europe face stiff competition from Amazon Music?
I suspect that was more of a driver for the pricing here in the USA than anything else.
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You are right but I think the OP is questioning pricing in Europe.

Looks like the UK and the USA have received lower tier pricing but not Europe.
Ugh just noticed that and deleted my post sorry!

You possibly needed one more cup of coffee......
Here's a sidebar question...

How does one pronounce "Qobuz"?

Serious question.

If someone who knows the answer can type it phonetically, it'd be much appreciated.

Coe buzz as far as I know. And lol yes Uber or new glasses or new eyes!
Coe buzz as far as I know.
@jond..."as far as I know".

Exactly my dilemma...LOL.
Sorry I should have followed that up with "I am always right". ;)
My friends pronounce it as QUE BUZZ

But what the heck do they know.

I say Quo Buzz.

And I am never right...….

However possibly it is Co Buzz?
Co Boose. Like caboose, but co, instead of ca. If you want to make it easier, just say co booze. 
Let's face it
Nobody really knows.
Darn Frenchies!
Co Boose. Like caboose, but co, instead of ca. If you want to make it easier, just say co booze.
@reubent, now that makes some sense...harkening back to my three years of high school French.

I hadn’t realized until this thread that Qobuz is a French company.

I’ll bet you’re the only one among a handful who pronounce it that way in the USA. LOL.
There is an article in the March 2020 TAS about Qobuz.  They talk about the origin of the name but not how to pronounce it.  I pronounce it 
kuh BOOZE, which I got from another article somewhere.

The TAS article is basically an overview.


Tah MAY toe, Tah MAH toe

Close enough for me! Thanks!