Digital Linear Power Supply

In order to get my Mac Mini out of the chain, I just bought a Bryston BDP Pi today and my dealer told me about the Bryston linear power supply upgrades. The cost of those upgrade options are more than I’m able to afford. I know about the Uptone Audio LPS 2 though I’m only looking to power the one component. Also a choke filter type linear power supply is enticing but I only have a basic understanding of what that is. Any suggestions along this matter would greatly be appreciated.
This SGC LPS will do the job. You can get an equivalent with a Talema transformer direct from China for half $ but it will take a couple months.
The next step up is a Keces P3 for ~$400 new but if you're patient they often come up used as power requirements change.
Thanks fuzztone. 12 volts is what I need so either will do. What is the advantage of spending more on the Keces P3?
Auxinput, I was looking at the Tera Dak. I know they make other high end components.