Digital Inputs on McCormack Preamps?

Do any of the McCormack preamps have digital coax or optical inputs? If not, does anyone know why this is?

Also, I'm debating between a used RLD-1 and a TLC-1 with the platinum revision to mate with my DNA .5 Rev A amp. Primary listening is rock (both light rock and hard rock, but not "pop"), though I listen to a fair amount of classical and jazz. Any thoughts?

Thanks for the input!


Sorry for shouting but they would your expect any digital connections on purely analog devices?
Hmmm...although I love McCormack's gear, I think I'd feel more comfortable with a preamp with digital inputs.

All: Any recommendations in the $1k-$1500 (used) range?
What you seek is a DAC within a line stage....and at $1000-1500 used? You ask for a lot at this price range. Perhaps your best bet would be to hunt down a HT preamp/processor like the B&K 30 and just use its 2-channel capabilities. I personally feel you would do much better to get a separate DAC (so many good ones out there for less than $500) and go with your favorite McCormmack line stage.
In general, a pre-amp, by nature is a 2-channel ANALOG device. To have a digital input, it would be a combo unit, ie pre-amp/DAC or a multi-channel preamp/processor. There are plenty of pre/pros out there and there are some good combo pre-amp/DACs. For 2-channel pre-amp/DACs that would have both analog inputs and Digital inputs, there is a Musical Fidelity unit and there is the Monarchy Model 33 and I'm sure there are others.

Personally, I did own the Monarchy previously and it was pretty good. But, I prefer the flexibility of using a pre-amp and adding an external DAC to take care of my digital duties. There are some good DACs available for under $500 used.

If you insist on having the pre-amp and digital processing in one box and it is for 2-channel music only, the Monarchy Model 33 is a nice unit and cost under $500 used.


well, some of the research I've done suggests just what you guys said - keep the analog pre and add a DAC.

So back to the original question: RLD-1 stock or TLC-1 modded by Steve McCormack? Anyone?

Thanks for the guidance on the DAC's. :)