Digital crossovers?

The speaker with a digital crossover makes so much sense to me.
Has this been successful?
I've heard great things about the Salk Sound HT-3 - but I've never heard them myself. I'd love to get some feedback from someone who has.

I wish I could remember who it was but about 2 years ago at RMAF there was a guy that was demonstrating an open baffle 3 way kind of home brew loudspeaker. Well--sort of. What he was really demonstrating was a computer based digital crossover and eq system. He had relatively inexpensive amps and these reasonably priced drivers and then basically just crossed them over and did correction for the space he was in (completely untreated too). He was playing files off i-tunes and I thought he had a really nice demonstration. This was not high end, more high achievement for really pretty inexpensive components and I thought a really cool demonstration of what can be done digitally. If anyone knows who he was or his company name--please add it to this thread.

I wasn''t at RMAF, but the system you're describing sounds a lot like the first generation Emerald Physics, The commercial product abandoned the room correction and otherwise resembles the speaker you describe.....Maybe?

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