Digital cable recommendation


I'm looking for a digital cable (coax or glass toslink). I'd like to keep the price to be under $250, new or used. Although resolution is important, I'd prefer it to be musical over analytical. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I have used several Digital Cables, XLO, Audioquest, and in my system I found Tara Labs Air Digital, to be the warmest and most liquid sounding. You should be able to pick one up used for close to $200. Also I'm not running the best equipment anymore, I had to scale way down to a B&K Ref 20, AV7250, and Toshiba 9200 DVD.
I compared equivalent-priced Ensemble and Transparent digital cables to the Wireworld Gold Starlight III and found the Wireworld to be the most detailed and musical.
Acoustic Zen mc2 cable is as musical as they come and can be found in your price range. I tried many cables before I found this to be just what I was looking for. Good luck
The Wireworld Gold mentioned is a good choice but the best choice by a huge margin in your budget is a used Acoustic Zen none.
If you want a more musical digital cable than this....plan on spending 4-5 times as much IMHO.
Seems the i2digital is the cable to beat. A friend of mine sold his 2,000 Kharma digital interconnect and replaced it with the i2digital...
Cardas Digital lightning L15. Warm and smooth, like a baby's butt.
Psychicanimal, no Ridge Street Audio Design digital? Do you still favor their interconnects?
I've been using the Silver Serpent digital coax from for more than a year, and have been very pleased with it. The Silver Serpent is a true 75-ohm cable (VERY important) and has excellent build quality, and it's hard to beat for $80. If you are not familiar with, I urge you to take a look at their product line. Here's the link to their Web site:
Acoustic Zen mc2 for coax and Wireworld toslink. I spent hours researching the same topic hereabouts and the general agreement on these two products convinced me. I bought one of each and I Love them both. I use the AZ coax to connect my DVD player and the Wireworld toslink to connect my Cd player. I am very happy.
Robin, that guy from i2digital is a *specialist* in digital transmission--that's all he makes. I just talked to Robert this afternoon. I'm getting three more pairs of Ridge Street Audio ICs for my system. My digital will be i2digital, though...
Another vote for the Acoustic Zen MC2.
I Just visited the i2digital website and read the appears that the az mc2 and the i2digital are a draw.

AZmc2 is available more often used for around 200.00 so it appears that it is still THE cable to beat.

I do like the connectors[bnc/rca combo] on the i2digital cable better, so if i were buying new,i would consider this one.
Okay... It seems there is a high regard for the AZ MC2 cables on this thread... as well as the X-60. Given that this thread was focused on cables < $250, let me steer away from all that and ask what's the BEST digital cable bar none? At any price!
I use the Sonoran Signature Plateau. Spectacular/Musical but not $250..Tom
Kimber is the most musical Ive heard and revealing
second to Kimber d60, cardas, pad colossus are good
also, If your system is on the bright side the colussus
is the one for you.