Differences between CJ PV-11 and Premier 14

I currently use a CJ PV-11 preamp with CJ SS amps and Martin Logan Aerius speakers. Can anyone describe for me the sonic differences to be expected in moving from the PV-11 to the Premier 14?
I went from a Premier 3 to a Premier 14 so I can't speak directly to the improvement you'll experience. But you will sure gain a lot in convenience alone (I'd never do without a remote again), and the 14 is a wonderful-sounding linestage with all kinds of inputs and outputs. At the going rate for used 14s these days, I think it's a no-brainer. Good luck, Dave

PS Replacement tubes (the 14 uses 4 6GK5s) are cheap and good if you stay away -- and I would -- from the Mullards and Sylvanias and stick with GEs. Both the Mullards and Sylvanians have flamed out pretty quick in my 14, which I've had since l996.
Dopogue thats interesting - I've had a premier 14 for years and found the opposite! The GE's from CJ flamed out quick and Mullards seem to last much longer. Goes to show there just aren't any absolutes in audio, especially tubes.

It has been a great piece for me for a long time. The midrange with Mullards is very nice.
You're right, Pops, that's pretty weird. I've had the current GEs in place for more than 2 years and just bought some new back-ups at about $6 apiece. It may be that I'm not getting the real Mullards -- the ones I keep seeing (and bought) are SUPPOSED to be Mullards but are called things like "Pro/Com" and never seem to have Mullard markings.
Dopogue, I get mine from Upscale Audio - the GE's from CJ look just like the Mullards and sound good too. The Mullards add just a little sparkle in the midrange in my system.