difference between Sony SCD 1 and SCD 777ES

A post of 6/12 asked for comment on the Sony SCD 1. That model was followed shortly by the SCD 777ES, also a two-channel unit. The latter's price was significantly less and later dropped a bit more. That prompted me to add it to the system and I have been pleased. Still, I've always wondered about its construction differences with the SCD 1. The dealer at the time said there were none that they could find, but I didn't give that much weight in my decision. And, I wonder whether upgrades are as available for the SCD 777ES as for its pricier predecessor. Any help would be appreciated. It is being played through Threshold S550E amp, Threshold Fet 10e preamp, and the old B & W 801 Series 2 Matrix Speakers. Those components are a bit dated, but they sound pretty good.
The only real difference that I know is the SCD 1 has balanced outs, silver finish and a few comestic improvements.
The SCD-1 has a bigger power supply. As I recall it is 5 or 6 pounds heavier.
According to Stereophile, they are sonically the same and the only difference is the outputs.

I own the SCD-1 and I will say that the SCD-1 is more attractive. That's gotta be worth a couple of grand, right?

While we're talking about these two components can someone take a stab at this cinerio. I'd like to add one of these components into my system so I can listen to sacd.

The problem is convinecing myself that a Sony SACD player with an SACD disc is going to sound better than my Theta DaViD, Classe DAC-1 combo using a standard redbook disc.


Will the Sony play redbook as good or better than what I have now?
The SCD-1 has two power supplies and balanced outputs.

Yes Glenn SACD is outstanding. I do not know what your other components are but I just received my scd-1 about a week ago and I am amazed at the realizm of SACD; at least at this price point. I am sure the $20,000 redbook players are very good as well but for $3000 this unit is simply amazing.

Upon continued navigating from the 'gon home page, I found a review of the 777ES which notes the differences from the SCD-1. Type in SCD 777ES in the search box on the home page and navigate through to the research this item choice which appears beneath the aution choices. There are multiple reviews of the unit, but the one in the Stereo Times identifies the SCD 1 differences. That information, plus all of the responses here, just about takes care of the question. Reports of listening impression differences seem to be harder to come by.
Glen, they say, and I agree, that redbook cd playback is almost as good as SACD. But of course it all depends on the quality of the recording.

I think the SCD-1 is fantastic for the money. If, per chance, the owner of an SCD-1 did not think that, then it's still a fantastic starting point.

In short, it is quite refined, smooth, warm, dynamic, and tremendously detailed (almost a paradox), and the decay of a note really goes on forever.

Well worth the gamble.

I've got a sale pending on one right now. I definetly would like to start collecting SACD's. On the other hand I sold all my Sony ES gear a long time ago. It's hard for me to imagine this gear sounding better than what I have now. The deciding factor will be the sacd disc's themselves.
Glen, please send an update once you've listened to the Sony.


I talked it out with a few friends and backed out of the purchase. Such is life
And you still call them friends? :)
Has anyone compared the SCD1 with the newer SCDXA777ES? Also does the SCD1 have the multiple cascaded DACs as does the SCDXA777ES?