Difference between Cables

What, in electrical terms, is the exact difference between Digital and Analog Interconnects? And what would happen if one attached a high quality analog interconnect between a CD and DAC?
I have run many "analogue" interconnects between my transport and DAC. It will work fine. Quite honestly, some of the analogue cables sounded much better than the "highly touted" digital ones. The big difference is that digital cables are supposed to be 75 ohms whereas analogue cables can be almost any impedance under the sun. Sean >
If you look at most high end cables you can usually find where they used the same exact cable for both analog and digital. Look at the WireWorld Silver Eclipse which also doubles as the Gold Starlight digital cable. I do the same thing with my DIY cables. I start with a good quality 75 Ohm cable (Belden 88232) and build analog, digital, and video cables based off the same design. I use a dual shield (inner shield acts as the interconnect ground and the outer shield is floated at both ends and connected to a earth ground via a drain wire). This design is based off of the Tara Labs The One and Synergistic Research Active Shield idea. Works great in these applications.