Did Marconi invented radio...?



Tesla's four-tuned circuits (two on the receiving side and two on the transmitting side, secured by U.S. patents #645,576 and #649,621) were the basis of the U.S. Supreme Court decision (Case #369 decided June 21, 1943) to overturn Marconi's basic patent on the invention of radio.

Marconi merely demonstrated Tesla's invention, but the gullible media and the greedy industry that followed continue to perpetuate a myth that Marconi invented radio. Who do you believe has more credibility...industries promoting their own businesses, or the U.S. Supreme Court?

Marconi's two-tuned circuit system was the same as that advanced by Heinrich Hertz and was no more a viable system of radio than that advanced by Mahlon Loomis in 1872...long before Hertz or Tesla. In one of my pages I tell the complete story in legal and technical terms. Any unbiased reader should understand that it was Maxwell, Hertz, and Tesla who were the actual pioneers of radio. Marconi only helped develop radio after it was invented. Mr. Edison and Mr. Marconi's popularity in history is just another example of historians promoting entrepreneurs and technologists over the actual discoverers.
eldragon: good to see you back. i'm not quite sure how to respond to your post but i did look up the marconi patent infringement case. for those interested, it may be found at: http://caselaw.lp.findlaw.com/scripts/getcase.pl?court=us&vol=320&invol=1 or. the official case citation is: MARCONI WIRELESS T. CO. OF AMERICA v. U.S., 320 U.S. 1 (1943). pretty interesting reading, if you can find your way thru the legalistic maze.
Thanks Cornfed... What 'sparked' this thread is book i just started reading, and it is 'Tesla master of lightning' Simly amazed at his achievements, and also by the way that 'official' history has threated him:

"The Smithsonian Book of Invention is an extra-large hardcover book almost an inch thick. Many inventors and their inventions are shown and their impact on civilization discussed...such people as Einstein, Bell, Goodyear, Edison, and many others, but Tesla and his epic-causing discoveries are omitted. Nevertheless, strange as it may seem, the book included Archie Bunker and Colonel Sanders.

The Smithsonian's Visual Timeline of Inventions Book cites Rubik's cube, the electric toothbrush, and the pop-up toaster, but fails to list the AC motor. Tesla is not even listed in the Index. Further, they credit the invention of radio to Guglielmo Marconi. "1895...After reading the scientific writings of Heinrich Hertz, 20 year old Italian Guglielmo Marconi invented radio communication."
The Smithsonian also ignores (as previously mentioned) the U.S. Supreme Court's decision upholding Tesla's patents for the invention of radio.

'Smithsonian' and their leaders are not only writing biased electrical history, they are systematically dismantling our country's historical heritage and replacing it with trash to promote a self-serving agenda...resulting in history revisionism."
U.S. Supreme Court
320 U.S. 1


The Tesla patent No. 645,576, applied for September 2, 1897 and allowed March 20, 1900, disclosed a four-circuit syst m, having two circuits each at transmitter and receiver, and recommended that all four circuits be tuned to the same frequency. Tesla's apparatus was devised primarily for the transmission of energy to any form of energy-consuming device by using the rarified atmosphere at high elevations as a conductor when subjected to the electrical pressure of a very high voltage. But he also recognized that his apparatus could, without change, be used for wireless communication, which is dependent upon the transmission of electrical energy. His specifications declare: 'The apparatus which I have shown will obviously have many other valuable uses-as, for instance, when it is desired to transmit intelligible messages to great distances ...' 11

Tesla's specifications disclosed an arrangement of four circuits, an open antenna circuit coupled, through a transformer, to a closed charging circuit at the transmitter, and an open antenna circuit at the receiver similarly coupled to a closed detector circuit. His patent also in- [320 U.S. 1, 15] structed those skilled in the art that the open and closed circuits in the transmitting system and in the receiving system should be in electrical resonance with each other. His specifications state that the 'primary and secondary circuits in the transmitting apparatus' are 'carefully synchronized.' They describe the method of achieving this by adjusting the length of wire in the secondary winding of the oscillation transformer in the transmitter, and similarly in the receiver, so that 'the points of highest potential are made to coincide with the elevated terminals' of the antenna, i.e., so that the antenna circuit will be resonant to the frequency developed in the charging circuit of the transmitter. The specifications further state that 'the results were particularly satisfactory when the primary coil or system A with its secondary C (of the receiver) was carefully adjusted so as to vibrate in synchronism with the transmitting coil or system AC.'

Tesla thus anticipated the following features of the Marconi patent: A charging circuit in the transmitter for causing oscillations of the desired frequency, coupled, through a transformer, with the open antenna circuit, and the synchronization of the two circuits by the proper disposition of the inductance in either the closed or the antenna circuit or both. By this and the added disclosure of the two-circuit arrangement in the receiver with similar adjustment, he anticipated the four circuit tuned [320 U.S. 1, 16] combination of Marconi. A feature of the Marconi combination not shown by Tesla was the use of a variable inductance as a means of adjusting the tuning the antenna circuit of transmitter and receiver. This was developed by Lodge after Tesla's patent but before the Marconi patent in suit.
Interesting. Alexander Graham Bell is credited with the telephone. Some other person had a similar invention, but his patent application was submitted "hours later".
There was also an Austrian who had a powered airplane design that would have flown before the Wright Brothers, but the company who built the engine for him, Daimler Benz (Chrysler) mis-interpreted his specifications and the engine was larger than the size he asked for. Because of too much weight the plane failed to fly. OH WELL !!
i'm happy to see there are informed people in this world,
re- tesla. not everyone is gullible to media hype and or
misinformation, including that of the us government-eg
smithsonian. tesla was a great inventor but a lousy business
person, eg westinghouse.

tesla fan
Like the US Supreme Court has never been wrong.Just as they where wrong on the presidential election.History will show them wrong once again.
Invention, and development of the invention into a practical device, are two different things. Tesla and many, many others could come up with nifty ideas and maybe even make a working prototype, but that's a far cry from developing and implementing reliable products that can be rolled out to the general public for general use. Give Edison some credit for not just the light bulb, but for making practical the whole electrical distribution system behind it that wound up illuminating the cities of the world...
No, give Tesla credit for what you mentioned! Do you still use DC current or AC? Or do you know the difference?
Who did invent the "Tesla's AC motor?". According to you, Edison did. While Tesla and Westinghouse were ocupied with practical aplication of AC current, Edison and his DC current backers, were electricuting domestic animals with AC current to prove how dangerious AC was.
Tesla is the greatest inventor the world has ever forgotten. He is also the greatest inventor the Smithsonian has ever 'swept under the carpet.'And apparently you agree.

He holds over forty U.S. patents (circa 1888) covering our entire system of Polyphase Alternating Current (AC). These patents are so novel that nobody could ever challenge them in the courts.

The Direct Current (DC) system Edison used in his much touted Pearl Street generating station was invented by others before his time; he merely copied the work of others to promote his business enterprise...and the Smithsonian wants you to believe he was America's 'King of Electricity.' There is simply no evidence to support this claim.

...you asked for something? And my posts? If you do not like it it means that your balls are tangled in your shorts and it's cutting off the blood supply to your brain.
Several years before anyone succeeded in communicating via "radio", a brilliant Scottish physicist named James Clerk Maxwell predicted, using mathematics, that it would be possible to send information through space without wires.
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In an episode of "Sopranos" they speak on this, and similar topics from the "Italian"point of view.....And the Warren Commission was right also.?
In 1966, as a high school freshman I pored over microfiche of early Scientific Americans and wrote a paper on Nathan B Stubblefield, who first communicated "wireless" using inductionfields, near the Potomac well before Marconi.
His work was ignored, but interestingly similar systems are used to communicate traffic info, etc., to your car radio in tunnels, for example. He became en embittered recluse, and died of starvation in the Tennesee hills. Phew!