Denon DVD-A1UDci vs Marantz UD-9005

Has anyone had a chance to compare these two universal disc BluRay players. I am wanting to upgrade from my Denon 5910ci to BluRay and need to maintain SACD 5.1 and DVD-A along with equal or better DVD Video upconversion to 1080p.
My current Denon does a good job but I need to keep it all in one player. I have to use the 6 channel input on my Pre-Pro as it does not have the new DTS HD or DD codecs. Has anyone seen a review on these. McIntosh is about to release the 881 but it will be 8000 which I can't justify. The Marantz is 1500 more than the Denon and from what I can see they are fairly comperable. The Marantz seems to have a better box design but the D/A conversion and the Video processing are major concerns as well.
You may want to consider getting an Oppo BDP-83 instead. It will do everything you need, has gotten stellar reviews, and will only cost you $499. And none of the units you mentioned can out-perform the Oppo's video section...

One more thought, if you want a superb audio section in addition to a superb video section, consider getting the Oppo BDP-83SE. This Special Edition is supposed to have a much improved analog audio section and is priced at a very reasonable $899:

I have a Denon 5910 CI and an Oppo BDP-83 and I prefer the Oppo for SACD. The Denon is better on CD. I will probably have my Oppo upgraded to the SE version.
And none of the units you mentioned can out-perform the Oppo's video section...

Have you seen a head-to-head comparison between the HQV Realta and the Anchor Bay VRS video processing?
Theo, either of the players you mention will do a better job with video than the 5910 since they both use the HQV Realta video processor. The Oppo BDP-83 will as well.
You should check out the new Theta player. It just about plays every thing and does it well. I am still breaking my theta in but it bested my Sony XA9000es as a cd transport.Picture out of the box is better than my Denon 3800bdci Bluray that I have had for some time. It is built on the Oppa frame but the rest is all Theta. 7 power supplys hand built in the US.