Denon DP 61 F Turntable - Need Help/Info

Ok,Audiogon members need your help. Recently acquired this turntable. Could use a owners manual if anyone has one. Or info on Tone Arm set up. This unit has the Dynamic Servo Tracer arm.
Any info greatly appreciated. This is the first Denon table I have owned that has all these bells,and whistles.

Checked the Denon site but in their archive list for manuals the DP 61F no longer exists. So all you Denon guys come to the rescue!!!

All The Best,

I have a Denon DP60L and a service manual. Maybe very simliar
Thanks for the response. However the 60L has a totally different tone arm as opposed to the 61F.
Many thanks though.
Ned- I've got a 47F with a "dynamic servo tracer arm", whatever the @#$% that means. If you email me off-line, I can copy the portion with thet tonearm info and send/fax it to you, if you think that it's the same arm.
Better late than never?

Just saw your posting. I have a DP-61F and I believe I still have the manual. If you're still interested I'll try to dig it out, scan it, and email it to you if you furnish your email address.