Denon 6500 - Am I crazy?

**I know everything is subjective and it all comes down to what I think sounds 'good', but I figured there are some valued opinions here I would love to hear.

Amateur here and first-timer to the forums, but wanting to learn more.  If I land on B&W 704 S2s like I'm eyeing AND I want to leave the door open for creating a Surround/Theater experience for when I watch movies am I being crazy going for something like the AVC-X6500H (140W when driving 2ch @ 8 ohms)?  

I see thousands of 2-channel amps (and I have a decent one that I ordered but hasn't arrived) that people use.  Is that because they are MARKEDLY superior to a multi-channel amp like this one or is because they have no desire for surround and they just pick up a nice 2-ch amp?

I ask because I'm building a theater room for my basement and I want to be able to drive my 704s (not bought yet) but if I'm selling myself extremely short by buying this amp I want to know.

The second set of speaker wires go from the subwoofer to your speakers. That way when you change the volume the subs follow. Rega P6 is a great TT so is VPI. If you do the Rega do your research on the cartridge. Some carts pick up him from the motor when they get closer. I still would love to have the Rega P6. Best value in the Rega line. 
For a basement system like that, personally, I would pick up an array of the Crown amps, they sound great for movies or music.

prices are. Great, and the Crown amps will drive about %80 of mos speakers. Headroom, power, clean , reliable.

Search around this and other forums, those Crown amps are great!
Great sound and save money.
Work smart, not hard.

I’m a 2 ch guy only, good amps, and speakers which many call junk. YOUR EARS are the judge! No one else’s.

the Crown amps sound great, are reliable, easy to install and use.

or the QSC amps are good too, but have heard reliability issues!

Skip the high dollar amps, and try the Crowns for a basement surround system. Would b my choice for an installation like your talking about.
Have fun shopping and listening to amps etc.

the more power you have, the more headroom, and ease of clarity you will get from speakers.

 140W is ok, but you won’t get the slam, or detail needed for song/movie ending crescendo’s.  
 In my 30+ years of audio gear, I’ve only found rapture with 300WPC min!
you will need the headroom, and you will want to jam some tunes in 2ch, and 140W no matter what is not enough!

 Spend now, get enough power for your system, or go with the 140W and regret it the first time you want to “push” your volume for your fav song, and the map clips and you blow a tweeter or midrange

  sure 140W will sound fine at low to moderate volume, but you will want to show off your new addiction, to friends, family, buddies, etc!

  B&W’s are amazing, and you will need the juice to make them sound their best.  

 Speaking from 30+ years of experience.  

Thank [email protected], will keep in mind!

@hshifi Probably a silly question, but if I am only using one sub then I assume it does not matter which side I put it on (L or R)?  

If I put it on L, would that mean that all L channel audio is being sent first to my sub, then to my L speaker and all R channel audio is being sent completely to my R channel?  It would seem I would have imbalance in bass, or am I thinking too much into it.
I have a Denon based 5.1 theater system....its ok but only ok. My big system is in another room for serious listening.
re: sub....lows are non directional
Please don't resort to a crown amp..........