Denon 4310 or Integra 9.9

I have narowed my search down to these two recievers. I am open to any thoughts. Thanks.....
I have owned the slightly lower versions of each of these receivers. I first owned the Onkyo 875 then the Denon 4308ci.
The 875 sounded much better but ran pretty hot and expired.

The Denon is just a nicer piece all around. and it runs cool,even after being played thru for 24 straight. The Denon I've owned for near 2 years.
The Integra 9.9 is not a receiver but a processor while the Denon 4310 is a true receiver with a 130w/ch amplifier section.

I have an Onkyo Pro PR-SC885P (same as the Integra 9.8) which is the predecessor to the 9.9. It is an outstanding unit for the money. My son-in-law has a Denon 4308 (predecessor to the 4310) and it is a nice receiver, but I would go for the Integra 9.9 if you have good quality external amplifiers and the associated interconnects to connect them.

I had a Onkyo 805 receiver prior to the PR-SC885P and it did run very hot. The PR-SC885P run considerably cooler since it does not include the amplifier section. If heat is a concern for the Integra, just buy cooling fans off of ebay for about $30 that run quietly and plug into the switched AC outlet on the back of the processor. That's what I did and it effectively dissipated the heat on the 805 and now on the PR-SC885P.

Good luck.
The Integra is a reciever....Integra web site lists power at 145 watts per chanel?
I was in the same position over the Summer and after doing my homework I went with the Denon 4310CI. I chose the Denon, for the following reasons:

1. Build quality and reputation.
2. Runs significantly cooler than the Onkyo.
3. The reports I read about the new processor were very positive.
4. This unit was the first on the market to run the new Dolby Pro Logic IIz.
5. I've owned Denon in the past and have been very satisfied.
The integra 9.9 does NOT have an amplifier section, so if you want to buy will have to spend more money after you get it. (for getting an external amp)
The DTR 9.9 is a reciever. The DHC 9.9 is a processor.
I feel the that both do an admirable job for movies. I would give the edge to the Onkyo for music.
I have the 4810 and wouldn't trade it for an Integra. First there's the DSX and PLII although not at the same time in the 4310

Build quality and reputation.

Past positive experience with Denon 4306

Runs relivitively cool