Denon 2900 + DAC or 5900?

Going to buy a universal player primarily for music below $2000. What do you think of RedBook, SACD and DVD-A performance of Denons or may be some other in this price range?

How would you rate RedBook, SACD and DVD-A of both Denons and some < $1000 DAC for RedBook.

And: Probably I will replace all my current CD collection with Hi-Rez ones... Do 2900 and 5900 differ then?


the 64,000 dollar question would be how would say a Denon DVD-2900 with $1k in modifications stack up to the above two? That is, if you are willing to consider a modded player. They might be the best bang for the buck. But who knows. I think this might have been discussed in the archives here or on AA.

I'm with Aaron...your money would be better spend on mods, rather than a DAC. A well modded machine would improve all formats, not just Redbook. You'd also get more for your money because you won't be paying formore connectors, wire, a new case, etc.
I agree with the above and would further suggest you contact John Tucker at Exemplar Audio and ask him about his modded 2900.
The only thing that interested me in the 5900 over the lesser models was it's HDCD capability. For a lot less money one could add an outbaord DAC with that ability to one of the lesser models.