Denon 103R with well tempered classic arm

I would like to hear from any current or previous Well Tempered Classic owners who have used the Denon 103 or 103R on this arm.

Is it easy to mount this cartridge given that it has open type mounting holes.

My finger lift has only one hole and the Stanalog website seems to have gone AWOL, so I am not sure whether I can get a new 2 or 3 hole finger lift.

Your kind advice is appreciated.

I used a 103R on my Well Tempered Record Player arm, very similar to your Classic arm. I used the alternative mounting method as outlined in Bill Firebaugh's original instructions (contact me via email if you need them); one mounting screw directly through the slot on the arm. That was the only way I could get the mounting tight enough, which I found to be critical with the 103R. My fingerlift was soft alloy and the mounting screw stripped right out with minimal torque. The open mounting holes of the 103R made mounting difficult but not impossible.

Even with good solid mounting and a full reservoir of damping silicone, I found the 103R to be a poor match with the WT arm; fuzzy imaging and untameable inner groove distortion. Perhaps low compliance cartridges just need a fixed bearing arm.

i have a Denon 103S that i use as a backup cartridge on my WT classic. (would probably still be my primary, but decided to try a Dynavector 20x high output) Always had good results with it using the fingerlift with the center screw that attaches to the arm and the other 2 screw holes to the cartridge. I currently am using the alt fingerlift (one you have) on the dyna with the right screw hole attaching to the arm and the fingerlift on the left screw hole with no problems. have you tried mounting it yet?
Thanks David and Gibson58,

I currently have a clearaudio virtuoso wood MM cart installed via the alternative mounting method.

I am looking into buying a new phono stage and exploring low cost MC alternatives that deliver good performance but at less than $1K. Hence having read how some praise the Denon 103R, I was considering it but I always thought that it was a bit fiddly due the Denon's open mounting.

I previously had a Ortofon Super OM30 connected to the arm and that was a fiddly job as well, given that it too had open mounts.

Have either of you tried any upgrades on the WTT, if so could you kindly share some info and your experiences via an email?

Thanks once again.

Kind regards
i've been searching for the damped black platter as an upgrade, but haven't been able to find one yet. the previous owner of the table right before I got it, rewired the arm with silver wire direct to the interconnects (no terminal block). love the sound! others have said that upgrading the motor with either the 3 prong newer version is a good upgrade or the origin dc motor. not sure this table really needs too many upgrades though...
I have a WT classic with the black damped platter and carbon arm and am currently running it with a London Decca Jubilee, which is simply stunning. It has very high output(5mV)sending alot of energy into the arm which I feel it responds too quite well. Decca cartridges don't get along with all tonearms and usually require damping.
The best upgrade i have done was raising both the plinth and the motor of wherever its sitting(I have it wall mounted with a target shelf). I was lucky when I first bought it to have some small and medium adjustable German made cones. The small ones(3)fit under the motor and the medium cones(3 also) fit under the plinth. They must be adjustable. Huge improvement! Later I bought from Marigo Audio Labs some cones especially designed for the WT. This was pre internet, at least for me. I think he's still around. If he still has some I would snag them if you are planning to keep the table. The best thing about the WTT for me has been the ability of the arm to accept so many different cartridges.
Thanks Gibson58 and Dubhouse,

Any idea where I can get some Marigo gear.

Couldn't find any mention of the WTT on the site.

I would try emailing Marigo to see if he has any. If you need me to measure the heights of the cones feel free to ask. It can still be done with other cones. The ones that I used previous to the Marigo were By "Audio Selection" made in W. Germany. I don't know if they are still around but they had hard plastic bases and metal cones on the top that adjusted via thread. They worked quite well once the feet are removed from the motor base.

Has anyone tried any turntable mats on the WTT?
If so, what sonic improvement has resulted, and are you still able to use the WT record clamp?
Thanks Dubhouse,

I have made contact with Ron at Marigo and am on to it.

Kind regards