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Review: Concert Fidelity DAC-040 DA converter
Hi Paul,The CF DAC arrived yesterday. Revisiting my CD collection ever since.+1 for Teejay's review of the 4 fundementals of the CF-040 DAC! 
Review: Concert Fidelity DAC-040 DA converter
Ps68,Did you manage to get hold of the battery modified DAC-040?Eagerly looking forward to hear your impressions.I have a DAC-040 arriving soon. 
Turntable and phono cable synergy?
Hi GPB,I once had a WTT Classic and upgraded the tonearm cable with Cardas litz so that it was one run of cable from the cartridge clips to the phono RCA inputs.This will be a cost effective upgrade. If I were to do it again I would probably use I... 
Well Tempered Arm Cartridge Compliance
Thanks Rada!sorry for my belated response. 
Klyne 7 Phono with Bent NOH TVC
Just as a follow up for someone else's benefit.I did get the Klyne 7PX and it mated well with the Bent NoH TVC. 
Denon 103R with well tempered classic arm
Thanks Dubhouse,I have made contact with Ron at Marigo and am on to it.Kind regardsTaksil 
Denon 103R with well tempered classic arm
Thanks Gibson58 and Dubhouse,Any idea where I can get some Marigo gear.Couldn't find any mention of the WTT on the site.Regards 
Denon 103R with well tempered classic arm
Thanks David and Gibson58,I currently have a clearaudio virtuoso wood MM cart installed via the alternative mounting method.I am looking into buying a new phono stage and exploring low cost MC alternatives that deliver good performance but at less... 
Herron VTPH-2 with Bent Audio NOH Passive TVC
Thanks Mingles,Separate email sent to you.Cheers 
Subwoofer integration with Silverline Sonata MK111
Thanks Jax2 and Lissnr.I will try this.Kind regards 
Klyne 7 Phono with Bent NOH TVC
Thank you Dgarretson, Umaasa and Peterb for your kind advice.Regards 
Best placement for Silverline Sonata Mk111
Thanks Newbee,Most friends who are not into the hobby think the sound is great. I also am pleased with the sound and occassionally have sit up and take notice type or foot tapping experiences with Music. It's just that I am relatively new to the "... 
Best placement for Silverline Sonata Mk111
Myraj,No, I haven't. Not an option for me due to where the entrance to the room is, WAF and furniture:-(My listening position is about 11 Feet from the speakers.regards 
Full Range Speakers for a Small Listening Room
Hi Tvad,My musical taste varies from classical, jazz, some electronic etc. I have not explored elaborate organ pieces, which seem to be highlighted as a true measure of a speakers full range capability. The Sonata 111 seems to be a good floor stan... 
Centre speaker for Silverline Audio Sonata Mk111?
Thanks Larry.I am led to believe that the current Silverline Centre was matched to either the Sonatina or a now discontinued model.The Sonata 111 has a German made (LPG) mid range driver which the current SA centre doesn't seem to have.I am curren...