DeHavilland UltraVerve 2 Bryston Match?

Does anyone have any experience pairing a DeHavilland UltraVerve 2 with a Bryston 4B ST or similar amp? I'm wondering if the pre's gain will match up well.

Thanks for the help.
I had a very similar question matching an Ultra Verve 2 with Bel Canto ref 1000's. I emailed Kara at deHavilland and got a very quick response. She is very knowledgeable and helpful. Do a google search for deHavilland and you will find her email address. I highly recommend you send her an email.
I use the Ultraverve 3 with Bryston 4BSST and an old Bryston 4B (2 separate zones.) The sound is quite satisfactory, no upgrades in sight.