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Mickey Newbury
$143 on Amazon for that CD! It had better be good!!! 
How to select a good Speaker Cable
Damping factor 1000 (D-sonic amp)6 ft speaker cablesMagnepan .7 speakersThanks for recommendation! 
LSA110 Statement as possible replacment for Silverline SR17.5?
Please let us know how the LSA's sound. I almost ordered a pair myself. 
Magnepan .7 binding posts upgrade
If you should come across it, please let me know! 
Whats playing on your system today?
reubentI really liked that video and the music. I tried to find the cd and the only place I could find ti was on amazon for $110. Too bad, I would love to have the disc... 
Daisy chain another subwoofer
That's what I was hoping, thanks!  
Monitor Audio Silver RX6 Spike Thread size?
Thanks to all who responded! Went to the hardware this morning with the footer and found that it is actually a M8. I appreciate the suggestions... 
Review on Tekton Design Perfect Set Speaker just went live on Six
Hey Teajay, great review! I just happened to order a pair a few days ago. I'm glad I ordered them when I did. Sounds like Eric will be selling quite a few pairs of these. Will have them by next Thursday. Can't wait! 
Tekton Design's new THE PERFECT SET equals "goosebumps time"
Would love to hear your thoughts on these speakers. 
Who makes budget speaker cables which are truly “good” or “exceptional” in quality?
nonoise,Thanks for the heads up on the cabledyne cables. Not a bad price for silver speaker cables. I emailed Ed Bowman and got an immediate response. I really wanted to try the Cerious cables but due to lack of communication with the owner I thou... 
Cerious Technologies NEW Graphene Cables
Bob that's great to hear! I sent 2 emails asking if you had any trade-in pairs available and got no response. I was ready to purchase a set but have moved on... 
Cerious Technologies NEW Graphene Cables
Cerious Technologies NEW Graphene Cables
Hoping someone here can help, since I am getting no response with emails to Graphene cables. Sounds like a great product but would be nice to be able to speak to someone there. Anyway, I am trying to place an order for the graphene extreme speaker... 
Tube Amp for Martin Logan Speakers
Just purchased the Primaluna Prologue 7's. I was using a Bryston 4B-SST. The prima's are smoother and much deeper and wider soundstage. I am using them with a pair of Martin Logan Ethos speakers and the match is a good one. Plenty of power to run ... 
PrimaLuna ProLogue 7 Monoblocks or ?
I'm using a Bryston 4B-SST and a Dehavilland ultraverve3 tube preamp with my Ethos and it is a pretty good match.