Integrated: Red Wine 30.2 vs Bryston B100 SST

I've sold my system many years ago and am starting one from scratch. I've read reviews on both the Redwine 30.2 and Bryston B100 SST. Anyone tried both? I've recently also looked at the Redwine 70.2 monos but pairing it with a preamp and selecting interconnects seems a daunting task.

I'm keen on wireless streaming for that added convenience so it looks like an Integrated + DAC + wireless receiver + speakers set up.

If you have a set up on Redwine 30.2 or Bryston B100, I'd be glad to know your set up. I've heard neither of them and prefer a low noise floor, musicality and some warmth. I've been only reading reviews. Previously owned Manley 175 monos but have since shifted to a smaller place.

start with speakers, and then an integrated which will best service them.
I have to agree with Jaybo - speakers first. I started with the Bryston B100 replacing my Denon. Very nice integrated. Next I got a Merdian G08 cdp. Then I fell in love with the Dynaudio C1's replacing my Mission/Cyrus 782's. The B100 matches fairly well but the C1's would like a little more power. Since I rarely listen loud the B100 works for me. Now had I bought the speakers first I would have gone for more power when getting an integrated or amp. I have never heard the Red Wine.
Thanks guys, much appreciate the input. I'll prob get both speakers and amp at the same time then. I've checked up on the C1s, it's 85db. Guess I'll have to get something in excess of 90db. Any can recommendations which speakers pair well with the Bryston B100 SST?

I'm still open to suggestions on the Red Wine. There's been much hype about the Red Wine 30.2.

Budget for both is 8k max.

I'd say that the 30.2 and bryston are extremely different animals. I have not heard a B100 but from a feature/design perspective, the B100 integrated is a full featured component with tape loop, input switching, preouts/ins, with DAC and phono options. The 30.2 is a single input, single output integrated. With the 30.2 or 70.2 amps you would be better served with a high sensitivity speaker unless you listen to your speakers nearby.

Regarding your requirements for an integrated I feel for the RWA 30.2
- low noise floor = CHECK X 2
- musicality = CHECK
- some warmth = CHECK

I have a 30.2 AMP using a pre-amp and external DAC and 90db speakers. Very happy with the set up in a small living room. system link below.

the RedWine forum at AC has lots of speaker pairing examples
I have the Bryston B100 SST (with DAC and phono) driving Harbeth SHL5 and am very happy with the combo. I have not heard RWA gear but I have compared the Bryston B100 with the Accuphase E-450 and the Bryston held its own extremely well! If you d have the opportunity, the Bryston B100 should definitely be in your shortlist!

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I agree with Edo, these are two different animals. Without comment on which is best, the Red Wine at 30 watts will significantly limit you in regard to speaker choices. Seems like you need to determine your power needs and then begin to compare amps with comparable power ratings.
Denjo, Cruz, thanks. Denjo, I am considering your set up. It looks awesome. I've always had high regard components with top notch ratings but somehow the pairing of wrong equipment can be an expensive affair. Hearing that you have the Bryston and Harbeth in combination and liking it is getting me excited. I feel I'm almost there. I was worried over the 86db of the Harbeths.
You are absolutely right about synergy and somehow the Bryston B100 and the Harbeth synergise very well together! The B100's 100 watts is more than sufficient to drive the quite benign load of the Harbeths. Paradoxically, I feel that Bryston's 100 watts drives my Harbeths with more musical enjoyment than Accuphase's 180 watts. So, its not just about watts that matters; its the synergy between one component and another that eludes explanation or analysis. You just need to try it out before you know whether the combo works or it does not.

Good luck with your search!

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