Decent preamp

I didn't say good because I'm in the budget but what's a decent preamp I could buy to work with Aragon 2004 amp? I'm thinking tube but let me know your opinions. Was advised to stay away from emotiva and other factory direct brands but not sure if that's a valid opinion.
The Jolida Fusion preamp is a good recommendation. I own one. Retailed at $1350. Not often found used. My thinking it is worth $700. That is somewhat over the OP's budget. However if one was to be found at the stated budget it would be a good find. 
The Jolida Fusion is a good recommendation. I have own one for the past 8 years. Used likely would be somewhat over the OP's budget, however. A used Quicksilver would also be nice.
Sorry about the double post, didn't think the 1st went through.