dCS Delius vs. Elgar Plus DAC

This was posted Jan 2nd with no response. Maybe the hangover, or that no one can say (???) BUT: Has anyone heard a sonic difference between using these two fine DACs (assuming both have the latest software). I have read many reviews on each, have heard both, but in separate systems, (they sound great to me) but never had the chance to A:B the Delius vs. the Elgar Plus. Have you?
I had a delius and a elgar at home about a year ago. not the plus versions with SACD. similar sound, just the elgar is more refined, more detail, slight better imaging, etc. I actually ditched the whole digital thing and with with a top notch vinyl set up. Never regretted it.

The DCS stuff is good. The Elgar is better, however I'd put the money in a Verdi transport before the better dac. The transport makes a bigger impact than the better dac.