DB99 vs TV II

I have Unison Research Performance SET amplifier (2x40watts)
and my room is 22x32,I listen mostly Jazz and Classic music
I hear many raves about Von Schweikert DB99 and Coincident
Total Victory II speakers.
Recently I have listened Watt Puppy 7 speakers at my local dealer though they have not impreesed me with their midrange musicality and image sizes and bodies, I have admired their tranparency(dead silence)dynamic headroom,and bass responce
tight ,clear and the bass draws excellent contour upon the full bandwidth.
Considering my amp power capacity (though it has big power suppliers and works as if 2x80watts )WP7s need more power
for controlling their woofers as big VTL monoblocks do,
so I know,I will not have any driving problem with both DB99
and TVII if I buy whichever.
I just need your comments on the part of transparency
musicality, bass quality (which I like as WP7s)soundstage,
tonal balance etc...comparing DB99 and TVII if possible
or any other your recommend is wellcome.
I thank you all in advance,BTW my frontend:Audionet transport, Reimyo DAP777 converter,and my cables VD Revelation series, I am ready to give my comments about them if anyone would like to ask.
I am a dealer for Von Schweikert and not for Coincident, but have great familiaraity with both speakers.

The Total Victory is obviously very tube friendly with it's high impedance, especially for OTL's. That being said, I would easily prefer the DB99's for many reasons. They tend to be much more natural and musical with extreme ease of dialing them in to almost any room due to their adjustable powered woofer. The TV's, at times, can be a bit thin and bright while being fairly transparent. The TV's also do not have the kick of the DB99's.