Difference between von schweikert db99se and db100

I have von gaylord tube amps . 100watts each .room is 25ft long 16ft wide. which would be better. I would use it for ht also. runco projector/ Thanks
the 99 is the evolution of the 100 and each speaker requires very little power to play loudly...the speaker components and cabinets are different. if you like a detailed but meaty robust presentation then VS speakers are for you. I own the 99's and have them in my home theater using a 100 watt per side ss amp but formerly used them with an 18 watt set amp. the 99 is a really good loudspeaker.
Thanks for the response. Have a chance to buy the 100 for 4500 .I do like the 99 s look though and with the ribbon tweeter might sound better. Let me know what you think.