VSA DB99 - safe to buy semi-active used?

My first post, even though I´ve been hanging on the forum for some years. Excellent place for information. Thanks!

I´m considering buying a pair of von schweikert DB-99 speakers used. I´ve listened to them several times at the owners place, and they sound just beatiful, deep and dynamic.

However the bass element is powered and since the speakers are four years old already, I have some concerns about the durability of the speakers. This is a major investment for me and I´d like to be able to stick with them for another ten years or so.

So what is your experience with powered speakers in general and VSA-speakers in particular? Do you think its safe (fairly) to take the plunge?

Thanks in advance!

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my dB99 speakers still perform flawlessly. vsa is still in business and offers support on all their products, so i don't think it should be too much of a concern for you.
I think that VSA 10 year warrenties are transferable. I would definately check.
VSA is an excellent company to work with!
thanks for your input. I´ll check with VS, although there is is only three years on the amps, its still nice with a nother six years on cabinet and woofers.