Dali Spector 6

Hello,i read so much that i am very confused!I have an amp,Marantz SR 4021 and i would like to put Dali spector 6 on it!
Dali specs are 30 - 150 Watt at 6 ohmThe official amp site says 2x80W at 8 ohms  and 2x100W at 6 ohms,but in the back of the amp i saw this :

SYSTEM 1+2: 8-16 OHMS
So i am not sure!Is this going to cause me problems at the speakers or the amp?

Thank you
If you are just going to use one pair of 6 ohm speakers there is no problem!
but will i lose from speaker's power?are they gonna give all they have? i never really listen to high volumes
You will have 100 watts with a 6 ohm speaker compared to 80 watts with a 8 ohm speaker. You will be in good shape with that combo!
The Amp site is stating the power at different impedances which helps show how stiff an amp it is.  Ideally it doubles power as impedance halves.

The back is telling you the range of impedance that is safe to use. If you use 1 pair of speakers, you may use 4 Ohms or higher.

If you use 2 pairs at once, you must use 8 Ohm or higher speakers.