Dali helicon 800 mk2 or Harbeth 7 for luxman 550 a

Hi there next Thursday I will discover the myth about Harbeth that it's living in my head for a while specially with all the reviews matching the luxman amps!

I am currently using the helicons great speakers but love power
The 20 watts class A of the luxman I don't think it's enough,
I also own a cayin KT 88 witch make the dalis shine and sweet!

Cayin gear deserve lot of respect, I am amazed how many amps I used last year nothing like cayin!

Advice about the Harbeth pls!

Given that the Helicon 800's are full range and retail for approx. $7K, I suggest you get closer to comparing apples to apples and compare your Helicons to the Harbeth Super HL5's. The Super HL5's should work with both your Luxman and Cayin amps and are likely a better fit with these amps than the large Dali Helicon's.
Some people on the Harbeth User Group (HUG) use a Luxman L-550AII with their Harbeth, they all enjoy the combination.

I already used a Luxman L-505u with my Harbeth SHL5 with excellent results. I just sold it on the Gon to go Luxman class A.

I hope you'll experiment the same synergy between these two brands.