We live in Mexico , looking forward to purchase some reference quality speakers to test our cables.

We have made some research and may be these two options can be a good match with our SHINDO LABORATORY Apetite 6V6 Push-Pull Stereo Line Amplifier.

Audition is not an option, no Dealers here for neither companies. Flying to Washington State or New York is too expensive.

The Athenas are $10,000

The o/96's $12000

Heard very good reviews on both.

Any Coments?
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In looking for a box loudspeaker, with good sensitivity, to run with a SET integrated, Devore and Daedalus were right up there and I think, were the best I heard at a reasonable price. That includes some other very good speakers, Silverline Bolero, Art Deco 9's from the UK and Coincident. For performance at a good price, Devore and Daedalus were clearly the best. The Devore Gibbon speakers were with a Border Patrol 300B amp and the Daedalus Ulysses and DA-RMAs, with Modwright.

I could have been happy with both, but went with the DA-RMAs, really a standmount version of the Athenas, no longer available and with a very similar sound. I have had them now for 4 years and have no intention to change them. They are neutral throughout the frequency spectrum, with a tight, if not cavernous base. Very fast, the designer's aim is the sound of live music and I think he achieves that. They have a wide, deep soundstage with good tight imaging, not a priority to me. Now Lou has introduced a V2, version of all the speakers, which is supposed to be a big step up, though I have'nt heard them.

I don't think you can go wrong with the Daedalus, Lou is very helpful and with 96 DB sensitivity they can easily handle lower powered tube amps. At the price he sells them for, I think they are a steal, particularly factoring in the beautiful hardwood cabinets. Incidentally, there are a group of Daedalus owners around in North America particularly, who are happy to offer a demo. Lou would know if there is someone anywhere near you. I have not heard them with Shindo, which I understand are very good tube amps. I easily drove them with a 20 watt Ayon Sopark integrated.

A good friend has a pair of Athenas matched to Shindo Cortese/Monbrisson. It is the best, most involving sound I've heard in my 45 years in the hobby, period. He previously owned Devore Super 8s and the Athenas blew them out in every way.
I own a pair of Daedalus Da-RMA V2s driven by N-core amps, and they are outstanding as well, but the Shindo magic really is on full display with the Athenas. If you love your Shindo, you'll be blown away with the Athenas.
And as David said, the Daedalus cabinets bring a level of value to the equation that far goes beyond the sound. I redecorated my home to match mine!
I've been a Daedalus owner since 1998 moving from the original DA-1's to fully updated DA-1.1s (AP crossovers and, recently, V2 upgrades). I have not heard the DeVore O96's but have heard both the Gibbon's and the Silverback's (with Shindo electronics) at two different dealer showrooms. For me, the Daedalus are clearly superior in every way. While the DeVore's are a nice speaker, I find them unexceptional--not at all offensive and certainly pleasant to listen to but unexceptional. The Daedalus (I have also heard the Ulysses in a top flight system in addition to my own DA-1.1s) are among the best speakers I have ever heard regardless of price or total system cost. The V2 upgrades push these speakers into territory that is rarely visited--they are speakers for a lifetime that you will never get tired of listening to or looking at in your living room. Since speakers are such a personal choice and you are unable to audition you may be interested to know that Lou does have a trial policy that would let you return the Athena's if you were unhappy--it will cost you but at least you can hear them in your home. Do make sure they are FULLY broken in before reaching any conclusions about their sound--that will take at least 300 hours or so. I doubt it will matter, though--I cannot imagine you will be dissatisfied.
Thanks a lot to everyone for taking your time to respond.

For I can read, Daedalus are on a league on their own. Even not expensive, for the price/performance ratio.

I also read about the Tonian Labs, highly regarded , 16 Ohms and +96 sensitivity. Did any one of you have heard these ?

FWIW, my friend with the Athenas auditioned a number of HE speakers when he wanted to upgrade. He flew down to California to audition the big Tonians. He liked them, with reservations and bought the Athenas instead. He has had no regrets, and will get the V2 upgrades soon.