DACs - Mark Levinson 36 or Musical Fidelity A3 24

I currently use the Rega Planet (original) CD player and am considering a new DAC. I am looking for major improvements in harmonic structure and detail resolution. Candidates on my list to consider are the Mark Levinson No. 36 DAC (can be bought used for $1400) and the Musical Fidelity A3 24. Another alternative is to replace the Rega with the Arcam CD 23 FMJ that uses the "Ring" DACs.

I look forward to anyone experienced with at least 2 of the 3 products for recommendation or offer other alternatives. I listen to mostly classical music in orchestral and quartet form. Thank you.

A better question is if the Perpetual Tech. P3 is par with the ML no.36. Cheaper to boot too.