DAC for an Olive 4HD

System Upgraded, I replaced my PS AUDIO Lambda/Goldmund Mimesis 12 DAC with an Olive 4HD music server.

Next step is a new DAC, the Olive 4HD has 24bit/192 decoding, but it wpuld be wiser to have a separate DAC,

My question is, does the newer 32Bit DAC´s really makes a difference? Are there any material to download? I have found just a few downloads at 24/192, so I dont know if its worth the wait until 32 Bit becomes more available. Or shall I try to find a decent , used DAC say, a Weiss, a Berkley Alpha, or a Bryston. Perhaps on the 2500-3500 range.

Any commnents?
How about the PS Audio Perfect Wave DAC?
Hello Kapa11,

My question is, does the newer 32Bit DAC´s really makes a difference?

Although it is all up to the actual implementation, the 32 bit DACs make a difference by offering increased headroom. For example, you can hear better sound from the same media (even 16 bit CD) and associated playback software running on 32 bit OS compared to 64 bit OS. Clearly, in favor of the 64 bit one. Same thing happens with DACs.

To my knowledge, there is no 32 bit Analog to Digital Converter available to convert a live recording with, so the real question and concern is not whether 32 bit dowloads/recordings are available (simply because there is no such thing), but what sounds best.

Hope this helps!

Alex Peychev
Save your money and get a W4S DAC2. You will be very happy with it and it is extremely versatile. Don't let the low price deter you. If it had a sexier body and was sold by one of the big names, it would go for $5K and no one would blink an eye.

MY Levinson DAC worked well , (#360 ) with the olive 4hd ,much better than the inexpensive DACs I tried , but the CD drawer in the olive pilled up on the second day , so I returned it .
I use the 4 HD with bryston dac it sounds great!!!!!!!