DAC benefit compared to denon3930

Is any benefits in sound quality if I use separate DAC(up to $600) in my sistem.Right now I'm using Denon 3930 and Helios x5000 cd players.Denon cd player using Burr-Brown dac convertor and Helios x5000 use Wolfson Wm8728 dac and Burr-Brown Opa2134ua chip.Also I'm using Jolida tube integrated amp im my system.thank you
given the inherent subjectivity of "sound quality", it's virtually impossible to tell if you're rig will sound better with a separate dac--you have to audition and decide. both your denon and your helios have high quality dacs;i haven't heard the helios, but the denon sounds damn good to me. one possible route would be to get an upsampling dac (like the dacmagic or belcanto)and see if you hear any improvement (i'm not sure your existing players do true 24/192 conversion/upsampling). it all comes down to your listening preference.
Loomisjohnson - Only you can decide that. Benefit of upsampling DACs lies in jitter rejection and not conversion frequency. For instance if you deliver 24/192 signal to Benchmark DAC1, it will output it to 24 bit DAC at 110kHz (going in the process thru 1 million times oversampling). In that case it is really downsampling from input to output. It is because DAC chips have much lower distortion at about 100kHz than 192kHz. Whole thing is utterly complicated and I would not try to understand it but to listen first. Benchmark (and possibly others) have 30 days free evaluation program. Many people have issue not with upsampling or oversampling but with digital filtering it involves. Lately Stereophile tested Meridian CDP that used different filtering algorithm with beter pulse response and they proclaimed it the best sounding CDP so far (it better be for $16k).

Good CD players use double PLL plus output buffer to eliminate jitter but external DACs allow connecting music server, HDTV, DVD player etc. I don't know how good Denon 3939 is. My Benchmark is more better (as they say in trade) than Cambridge CD4SE (one of better Cambridge players) I had before.
Thank you for yours response.
Is for me beter solution to go with
tube cd player.How about jolida tube
cd player.Thank you