Custom sized speaker stand recommendations.

Looking for speaker stand recommendations for the new Daber Monitor 3 speakers. The stands would have to be 18" high x 9" wide x 13" deep. I have not come across standard made models. Now looking for ideas on those who may make custom stands. Open to wood or metal. Thoughts and ideas welcomed.
Skylan Stands..Anything you want..Great guy to work with and real quality work too...Great feedback and great performing stands.......
Second that, I am using some for my Spendor S100.
Highly recommend Sound Anchors. Bob is an audiophile and great guy to deal with. I had unusual design need for custom amp stands and they came out perfect. I also use his custom stand for my center channel speaker. Check out the website. He will make anything you need. The stands are heavy and beautifully finished.
I recommend Sound Anchors also. Shipped fully assembled and filled, bolted to a heavy plywood base.

Gents, thank you for you suggestions. Both the Skylan and Sound Anchor brands seem quite ideal. I am surprised that there aren't a slew of other similar outfits. Custom sized stands must really be a niche market.

I just saw this thread. How are those speakers working out for you?

As a side note, I have decided to start making stands to go with the M3s. You will have to fill them with either shot or sand yourself, as they will be MDF based and I would hate for the added weight to damage them in transit. I have not finalized price yet, but if you want the prototypes, shoot me an email and we can work something out.

I hope you listening experiences so far have lived up to your expectations.
Steve of Daber Audio your stands sound appealing and will hold off until I have a chance to view your stands. Should they be on the same quality line of the Sound Anchors and Skylan brands that would be great.

The Daber Audio Monitor 3 speakers in a word are Wow! Out the box they sounded good. But now having a chance to break then in bit confirms and cause by initial impression to grow all the more. From the handsome well put together cabinet too the soaring sound of the planar!
Thank you for the kind words, Glen!
I'm a dealer for Sound Anchors and agree 100% with what is stated above. Bob is a good guy with a great product.
I second the Sound Anchors idea. They built me custom cradle bases for my Ohm Walsh 2000s. Solid, well built, effective and inexpensive.