ELF Custom Cable Inc. Silver Signatures

I'm sitting here listening to a pair of ELF Silver Signature's and it is amazing how small cable companies beat out the big boy's.ELF Signatures are better than any cable I have owned such as HT Pro-9's,Zu Cable Wax,JPS Labs Superconductor's,and a pair of Verrastar References.They are so neutral it isn't funny.I wasn't exspecting wall shacking bass,nor did I get it,but the bass of the Silver Signatures is impressive.The key word being "QUALITY" over quantity.What makes me rate these so highly is their ability for me to more clearly understand my music and hear small detailes better.That is what i was missing with my previous cables.These are the 4th pair of cables I have bought from Ernest and not the last,next are his "Silver Duet" interconnect's.I'll keep you all posted.
It's a shame you didn't go for the Silver Reference model. I think you would have been even-more impressed.

It was, in my system, the most significant addition that I could hear right away. Now, three months later, the cables still sound outstanding.
I have a pair of Silver Reference.They are great!! I sold my JPS Superconductor 2's and have not regretted it. It is a very simple design that works.I use the Silver in a bi-wire mode with heavy gage copper for the lower region. I have Electrostatic speakers. Oh, the cost for a 6 foot pair(4 cables in all)$85 new!! Keep up the good work Ernest.
Sorry, I mixed-up the Signature line with the Surfers. The Signature is ELF's top-of-the-line at the moment although I haven't heard them.