Crossroads 2007....

Was interested in hearing any comments on this DVD I have the last Crossroads and consider it top notch(audio and video)..Wondering if 07 is as good...
It's scheduled to play Wednesday, 11/28 @ 9:00 p.m. ET on PBS, check local listing. You can check it out for yourself.
Thanks for the heads up, I was there and the whole thing was fantastic. I hope Jeff Beck makes it onto this video as I thought he stole the show, his bass player was pretty ok too.
Bought it, played it. Audio and video is outstanding. If you liked the 1st, you will like this one.

You called it...Just as good as the last one....Audio and video are excellent...
I was so enamoured with the 2006 festival that I couldn't wait for the release of Crossroads 2007. After having watched it twice in the first 5 days I've owned it, here are my thoughts:

A couple of clunkers:

- Bill Murray's introduction and MC work, and Willie Nelson with Cheryl Crow come to mind.

Also, B.B. King could stay home next year and no one would miss him - "father time" has finally caught up to him

A couple of standouts:

- Winwood and Clapton together again revisiting five classics

- Jeff Beck was terrific, but his 22 year old female Aussie bassist steals the show

If 2006 was a "10" this one is a "8.5 - 9" for me, but it obviously will depend on your taste in music.
I was so excited when I saw Jeff Beck was indeed on the Crossroads 2007 video. He was absolutely electrifying and blew the audience away. The young bassist playing with him was brilliant too. That band needs to tour the USA soon. Derek Trucks slide work was the other highlight and the "Layla" songs benefitted greatly from his outstanding play.
I thought Robbie Robertson doing Who Do You Love was another highlight of the dvd. Cheryl Crow is overrated. Buddy Guy wasn't too exciting either. The Steve Winwood segment steals the show.