SACD crossroads again?

hello new SACD releases have me at a cross roads once again. Had a middle level upgraded Kern modified Sony SCD-1 which I found to be lacking in body and imaging, kind of paper thin instead of actual front to back dimensions. On red book disks only very rarely on Super disks. Was using placette RVC balanced passive preamp. resolution purchase Audio Aero Capitol player used directly into amplifiers totally fixed it but extreme bass was soft and not very definitive. Resolution Capitol Mark 2 totally fixed it still directly connected to amplifiers both upper range and bass simultaneously. several new Super disk releases have me considering my options I always believed the Sony output section needed tubes to fix the imaging problems now the absolute truth Sony modifications adding a tube output section exists along with other better modifications wondering if the Sony can match the Capitol Mark 2 red book performance with these modifications? I'm really attached to the Capitol especially the two output preamp connections. Can a placette RVC be made with 2 pairs of outputs? what would you do? Any input would be appreciated. thanks
Mejames, I posted an answer to your analog question on the other thread, where you asked it. I think that is the way to go. I tried SACD too. Now I'm just analog.