Looking at getting an active crossover for ARC Ref3 -> Bryston 4b's -> Magenplanar 20's.

I am interested in high quality sound but am not a member of the the grunt and groan posse ("Yeah, yeah, I finally heard it, I think...maybe"). I am more bothered by inappropriate sounds, hums, etc than the kind of stuff you read in Sterophile, Abs Sound, etc. I am willing to spend real money if necessary but would like to be sure it is worth the effort, time, $ etc

I have an aversion to spending lots of money on a device I have never heard and that would be the situation with most of the high end crossovers, ie, no way to audition.

So... are these little pro audio devices like Rane, dbx, Behringer:

-Worthless, terrible and worse than what I have now (stock passive Magneplanar crossovers)?
-Possibly useful and workable - worth a few hundred bucks and better than what I have now?
-Just leave well enough alone and go on down the road?

Any opinions and thoughts appreciated
"Planars/Statics/Ribbons" asylum over at 'audioasylum dot com' is all the Magnepan stuff you could EVER want. The answers and more are in the seaarch over there.
Good luck
I've been using electronic crossovers for the past 20 years and the Pass XVR is the most versatile and best sounding I've ever used and is the piece of equipment that has been in my system the longest. Truly an outstanding product.
Apparently you like Bryston. Why not buy their 10B crossover? They sometimes show up for sale used. Since you needn't be in a hurry, just make a habit of watching for one for sale here on Audiogon.
Imdoc wrote::
'I am more bothered by inappropriate sounds, hums, etc'

What makes you think the 'cure' is a crossover?
If that is the case, you've got more problems than a new crossover can fix. System ground OK? No loose window frames? Any wacky neighbors?

Elizabeth is 110% correct. Over at the Asylum, you'll find AT LEAST one recommendation per 'inmate'. Which leaves you exactly where you are now. A bunch of recommendations and ideas, none of which you can audition prior to plunking down the cashola. Based on everything I've READ, the Bryston would be the only one I'd buy sight-unheard.

Maggie Mods is an incredible rabbit hole from which some never escape!
Check out the Accuphase F-25 Active Crossover. It is an excellent unit.
I have no noise now.

My point, which I guess I did not make clear, is that I don't want to get any for what _might be_ fractional improvements with a crossover.
Pass XVR-1, great piece, occasionally for sale on Gon.
I'm using Pure Vinyl to do the crossover digitally with a Mac and a multi channel pro audio interface for multiple outputs.

It's a bit of a different approach but the results I'm getting are phenomenal. A few years ago I would have agreed that digital processing was a choke point but with today's processing power and evolutions in software it is a revelation.