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Which preamp for a pass labs?
I’ve used both a Cary  Slp05 and an Atma Sphere MP 1 with very good results with Pass amps, currently 2 30.8s. Preferred over any solid state pres including Pass. I run balanced Kimber selects, have 7 meter run between amps and pre. 
Preamp suggestions for Pass Labs XA100.5
I use an Atma-Sphere MP1 with XA60.5 and it works great. Very quiet and dynamic. IMO one of the best preamps available. The phono is very good if your cartridge has a reasonably high output, otherwise you may need a step up transformer to keep noi... 
Antelope Zodiac Gold + Volticus VS Chord QBD76 HD
I have an Antelope Zodiac Gold and Volticus and I'm very happy with it. Running with a Mac mini server with the Zodiac USB cable and Pure Music. I posted a review on AA under moniker MVA.Mark 
USB DAC Recommendation
Antelope Zodiac Gold & Voltikus PS 
USB DAC Recommendation
I'm using one with a Mac Mini server and it outperforms my Esoteric X3SE that I used perviously. Great USB Dac.Mark 
MacBook Pro or Mac Mini as music server
Get the Mac Mini server, $995' has 2 500 gb drives and 4g of ram. I have one with an external 2TB FireWire drive connected an Antelope Zodiac Gold, couldn't be happier and it has worked flawlessly.Mark 
Antelope Zodiac Gold - anyone have or heard one?
I have had a ZAG for about a month now buy just received the Voltikus a few days ago. It is connected to a Mac Mini server and a Sony 9000 SACD player via optical. Oustanding DA, Voltikus is a must have. I feel it beats the Esoteric X3SE and highl... 
Tube preamp for Pass Labs amp
Atma Sphere MP1 works great with my Pass xa60.5's. Balanced connections and a very good phono stge for medium output and up cartridges.Mark 
I've been using electronic crossovers for the past 20 years and the Pass XVR is the most versatile and best sounding I've ever used and is the piece of equipment that has been in my system the longest. Truly an outstanding product. 
Ortofon A90 or Air Tight PC-1
I have an A90 mounted on a SME V on a Kuzma Stabi Ref. The combination sounds fantastic and I am very satisfied. I have heard the PC 1 on a Kuzma with a Triplanar, while a decent combo IMO it is not as good as the A90 on the SME. My other table is... 
Best Arm and Cartridge Setup for Mono LP's
Miyajima Premium BE and Fidelity Research FR64S. 
Best Arm and Cartridge Setup for Mono LP's
Using the combo on a Garrard 301, amazingly good.Mark 
SME V arm and what cartridge?
I am using a Miyajima Shilabe in aSME V on a Kuzma Stabi Reference with great results. It has a deep round bottom end with plenty of air on top. It is not quite as well rounded as my Transfiguration Orpheus, now on a Triplanar Garrard 301 combo, b... 
alternative power supply for Garrard 301
You can use a PS Audio regenerator, the older P300,500,600. All have adjustable frequency and voltage. I just finished a 301 using butcher block maple and baltic birch, looks and sounds great. I put 2 arms on it, fidelity research 64s and a tripla... 
Moving into vinyl. Brinkman, TW Raven, GrandPrix??
You should check out Kuzma, either the Stabi Reference or the Kuzma Reference. My Stabi Reference was clearly better than a Raven in a shootout with the same arm, SME V and Triplanar 7U with both a Transfiguration Orpheus and Miyajima Shilabe.Mark