Crimson-MusicLink Speaker & Interconnect Cables

CrimsonTestimonial - Added Value delivered by Ron Patrick- HiFi Consultant to Austin HiFi

”I’m a retired MD who was in a colleague’s ophthalmologist’s office for an exam. He and I share a passion for HiFi. During my consultation we started to talk about our respective systems and how I picked up some highly rated speaker cables and connectors that were pricey, and that I didn’t notice any difference what so ever in the overall sound quality when compared to my original wires. I shared that I felt that I was missing something from my system. BTW, both sets (Original and recent addition) are sized at 18’ per side. So, my eye doctor and colleague had recommended to me this audio consultant out of Fairfield, County (Woodbridge) Connecticut who could identify and resolve my quality perception issues. So, I gave this guy Ron, a call –

I scheduled a time to go and meet Ron at Austin HiFi East based out of his place in Woodbridge. First, before I drove out I was asked to measure the distance between my pre amp and speaker then add the vertical footage (Ground to speaker inputs) x 2. I came up with 10’ ea. but realized that each side of my speaker wire lengths were already18’ ea. on the recommendation of a audio place in Boston that I had spoken with. So, I was asked to bring my two sets of speaker wire and interconnects so they can be used in a controlled environment. Ron was using: Crimson 710 Pre Amp; two- Crimson Mono Block Amps; Tocaro Speakers, a Linn Table, and an Opus 21 CD Player. So, the coffee was freshly brewed and we sat down and talked a bit.

After listening and interacting with him for 40 minutes I felt that I just compressed 35 years of practical experiences into an “Ear awakening epiphany”. Now for the comparo –

A huge drape blocked off all of the equipment. Three sets of speaker wires i.e., my two sets and the ones that he had wanted me to listen to. Test Zero was to benchmark the three sets of wire and the interconnects set at mid-volume for my subjective perceptive. The scale I used was a 1-10 where 10 was the best. Subjectively, let the comparo begin –

Comparo Wire Set A = 6
Comparo Wire Set B = 9
Comparo Wire Set C = 5

We did this over the course of two-hours and the results, though subjective was ear opening. Four out of four times I rated Wire Set B the best. They turned out to be the MusicLink Cables. Once this was completed Ron swapped out the interconnects with his while using the MusicLink Cables. I was able to slightly distinguish between the two. Where I thought mine was terrific I soon learned and experienced a virtually distortion-free improvement. His connectors were Eichmann.

So, having to cut my meeting short with Ron, he gave me a new set of 10’ MusicLink wires and a set of Interconnects too. He told me to try these out on my system and if I was that impressed with them, I could make the purchase. All I could say was WOW!

WOW that some guy who I just met on a referral just gave me a set of expensive cables and interconnects but even more important –

WOW – These MusicLink cables sounded like (The best analogy I could think of) opening up a new can of tennis balls for the first time! Whoosh, all of the vaguely missing music just appeared. Ron told me that the quality improvements had originated with Creston Funk, audiophile extraordinaire of Austin HiFi.

Thank you Ron. I’m a recommitted audiophile,”
Great story. And EXACTLY how an audio dealer could/should present products.

Customers should be able to tell a significant positive difference and pay the price for musical satisfaction. And a knowledgable and experienced dealer/consultant is worth a lot. Any consultant is. Just like a doctor, they listen, evaluate what they hear, use their knowledge and experience to recognize the problem(s), and prescribe the solution. Saving time and money and healing the issue.

In the long run, a LOT faster and cheaper than hit-or-miss [new or used] equipment and especially cable purchases.

Cables are HUGELY important, and it's tempting to 'try/buy' a lot of cables because the cost (compared to other components) is relatively inexpensive.

But too often we end up with a closet full of cables and don't get much closer to satisfaction, much less get our systems 'locked-in' with the perfect match for our systems and tastes.

Bravo to Ron at Austin HiFi.
I have the pleasure of listening to the Crimson speaker cables and interconnects for a very long time. They have the most natural tone and non-hifi sound of most any cables I've owned. As life happens, I had to sell my Crimson interconnects but have kept my speaker cables. I can't recommend them highly enough.
The world is shrinking - thank you Google/Yahoo/Bing: I was able to get ahold of Ron and picked up one pair of these Crimson Speaker wires. These Crimsons replaced 40 year old Levinson wires with bananas that I picked up 3rd. hand on the "Cheap" but it's time to replace these and I'll give them to my daughter to use. Anyway, like previous people have stated and what I have read, I pulled out my credit card and cleared its authenticity so I could take them home and try them on my system. Nothing fancy, a Dennon 5.1 Amp., Four Naim Intros,Infinity Center, and a Dennon Sub. This system obviously powers my home theater system. I use a four foot two-channel jack for my iPhone to listen to Spotify and resident tunes. I do have an aged Nakamichi CD/DVD player too.

Anyway, I immediately noticed a much greater full-body experience with the clarity in all audio i.e., TV and crappy MP3 music. Especially the MP3 music playback - I thought that I would never hear "Hi Fidelity" music again. Well, it's not the terrific analogue and Master/Half-Speed Vinyl of yesterday but these wires made a big difference.

I've got another week left of my trial before making a commitment on the $$ for the Crimson Wires.