Conrad-Johnson Sonographe S250 vs. MF2250A

Looking at Conrad-Johnson SS amps in the 125 wpc range. Can anyone comment on sonic differences between the Sonographe S250 and MF2250A? Is the MF2250A worth the $800. or so difference in price?

I need to replace tube monoblocks and would like a smooth, natural-sounding SS amp, if such a thing can be had without spending huge money.
I previously owned a Sonograph SA250 and the MF2100 which was the earlier model replaced by the MF2250. I preferred the MF2100. I thought it was worth it for the MF.

From there I went to a Blue Circle BC22 which I prefer to either CJ amp. Between the MF2250 and BC22 it may come down to personal taste.

CJ now owns McCormack Audio. McCormack have some amps in that price and power range also. Once again it comes down to personal taste.

Just as an FYI Disclaimer. I am now a Blue Circle dealer (wasn't then). I am not biased towards BC against CJ because of this. I like CJ gear as well. I became affiliated with BC solely because I like their gear.
I own both a MF2250 ("non-A"), & a MF2500A. The MF2250 is a smooth, nice sounding amp. The MF2500A is a really excellent amp, & can drive a some fairly demanding speakers. I think the Sonographs were a cheaper line for C-J, & preceded the MF series, but I've never used or heard one--or seen them discussed. You might also look into the MF2100, 2200, & 2300, which preceded the MF2250 & 2500, if you want to save $$.
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