Mating an AR LS3B with a CJ Sonographe sa 400?

I already have the audio research ls3b pre ( solid state), using single ended outs. I am considering purchasing the Conrad Johnson Sonographe SA 400 amp. I have read that it is finicky about what pre it's paired with...any help?
Should be fine..The Sonographe is great!
That's what I've heard...but I have also read that it really seems to sound best with a CJ pre. In fact, some writers claim that it "doesn't like" certain pre's. I would hate to buy it and find out that was true.
This is why it is always better to stay with the same brand. Amps and preamps from the same manufacturer are designed to work together and usually yield the best sound.
Agreed, but for now I will have to stick with my AR pre...I imagine that I could achieve better sound through the synergy with matched amp and pre. That being said, I'm hoping that someone could share their knowledge or experience and help me determine if I can get enjoyable sound from this combo, or am I going to be frustrated/disappointed.
thanks - Paul
I do not believe that you will have a problem pairing most SS preamps with your Sonographe SA-400. I ran an SA-400 with a CJ PF-R SS pre for a while - it worked very well. I have also paired the SA-400 with an Audio Reseach LS-15 tube unit and it was also a good match. You should have no problems with your LS-3B.

If you do ever want to kick it up a notch; look for a good used CJ PV-12 tube pre.
thanks Br, how do you think that the SA would do with my speakers, running 6 ohms, 90 db?
Paul, which speakers are you using?
Von Schweikert VR 4
Great speakers, assuming that you have the right room for them. As much as I like the Sonographe SA-400, IMHO you will need both a better amp and pre to get the most out of the VR4s. They can be tough speakers on electonics - VERY detailed and revealing. If it were me I would probably replace the LS-3B first.
You might be right...but, that'll have to wait a bit. I picked up a McCormack DNA 1 Deluxe. What preamps would you suggest?