Conrad-Johnson PV10B vs. PV14L and MF 2250A

Hi, I just wanted to see if anyone out there could offer a comparison between the PV10B and the PV14L in terms of sound.

Second, does anyone know the difference between the MF2250 and the MF2250A? I've trolled CJ's website and the internet, but haven't been able to locate any info about this.


The 2250A represents both a build and sonice upgrade over the 2250. The A series is closer to the Premier line and offers better dynamics and overall sound. Cleaner, smoother. The 2250A and PV 14SE is tube sounding. Call Knut at CJ and he can give you more technical detials.
I recently had my MF2500 upgrade to the "A" status and highly recommend it. More detail throughout the listening frequencies especially the midrange for $500 it is a worthwhile upgrade. If you are looking for specifics on the "A" upgrade you can call Knut at CJ and he will be glade to help. I can also send you a copy of what Knut sent me if you give me your e-mail address.

As far as the pre-amp is concerned I believe both are tubed units so I would probably go for the 14 if cost is not an issue. I upgraded from the 10A to the 16ls II and have never looked back. I did own the 17 for a short while before purchasing the 16 and in my opinion the 16 was worth the money. If the 14 offers the same improvement over the 10 then I believe it would also prove worthwhile. Hope this helps.