Conrad Johnson Premier 15/2 Phono Amp

Opinion's about this phono amp? I use it in combination with a lyra titan i, uesugi trasformer 5 L, passive preamp audio tekne 9701, cat jl2 and eidolon diamond's.
I found it sound's really wonderful... but since I am searching for a definitive device, I am asking if there is a better phono preamp...
Thank you!
My friend has this,along with an ART-2.STUNNING!It should "voice" really well,with your "Diamonds"!

Take your wife on a nice vacation,with any monies considered,if you were to replace it!!
I had the CJ phono in my system with the CJ 16LS Series 2 preamp and upgraded to the Manley Steelhead. In my system the Manley has more bloom and is more extended at the frequency extremes. I also found it significantly more flexable than the CJ with gain settings and loading.
Yes, There is Audio Tekne TEA-2000 phono amp, which is the entry level of Audio Tekne's phono.
I'm currently using a CJ PV12 for my phono stage modified by Bob & Gary Backert, with a VTL 7.5 preamp and it sounds simply wonderful. You may want to modified your CJ.
What are the differences between the MKI and MKII, in terms of Sonic ?


I agree with Speedy. If you really like the sound of the cj prem 15 and it works well with the SUT, don't bother changing.
At this level the differences are personal