Conrad Johnson Premier 10

I just picked up a CJ Premier 10 tube preamp in perfect cosmetic shape (under all the grime). Needs some work as controls are v scratchy and tubes need replacing, but does anybody have experience with this amp? Also, if I want to get a CJ power amp of similar vintage (early 90's I believe) what model should I try (either tube or s/state is OK)?
Your amp choice will depend your speakers, room, desired volume and sonic tastes.
You can peruse their web site under classic products. I have heard good things about the evoulution 2000 and the Premier 5's. You may want to check them out or you can always call Knut at CJ for some recommendations. And as the above poster mentions there are a few variables that you need to be aware of when making an amplifier selection.

Good Luck

My room is 11*17 and i listen to mostly small scale classical, acoustic stuff, with some noisier rock/soul/blues stuff thrown in occasionally. I prefer listening at moderate levels. As for speakers, I have a set of Quad 988's but also some Spendor S3/1 monitors and a Rel Strata sub.
Hopefully this will help with potential amp recomendations.
I currently use a Premier 10 and an Evolution 2000 in my second system. They are a wonderful match. I have even seen a few EV 2000's for sale here at A-gon.
Happy Listening, Mike.
You can pretty much use any of them. The older Quad ESL 63's
were often paired with c-j tube mono amps. I don't know from personal experience but many here seem to like tubes and c-j's with Spendors as well. You might want to contact c-j. They have a very good reputation for customer service. I use c-j solid state stuff. c-j's solid state gear is quite tube friendly. Not that I think you'll need it, but, good luck.