Conrad-Johnson LP66S Amp?

Can anyone give me any additional positive or negative feedback?

It is a very good amp, just a hint of warmth. Not bloomy like older CJ products.
Thanks Audiofreakgeek.
Any additional comments? All feedback is welcome.
I would be using the amp in the following system:
Pass Lab XA 30.5 amp, Aesthetix Calypso tube preamp, MBL 1531 CDP, Yamaha T-2 Tuner, Von Schweihert dB 99 speakers with super tweeters, Jade Vermeil Interconnects, Harmonix HS-101-SLC Speaker Cables, Purist Audio Design Aqueous 20th Anniversary
PC’s on amp and preamp, Stealth Audio Dream PC (digital) on CDP, Clear Image Audio T-4 Power Line Isolator Special Edition, Billy Bags Pro Stand for audio gear. All AC Porter House outlets are filtered by my Xentek Extreme Isolation Transformers (5 KVA each) into sub-panel that feeds all the AC power to the systems.
I am also considering the Allnic A-1500 300B SE amp.
All comments welcome!
"I am also considering the Allnic A-1500 300B SE amp."

I'd urge you to go this way. I've not heard this specific amp but own a couple other 300b SET amps and just love listening to them.

In one room I have a Pass XA30.5 hooked up to some Guarneri Homages. On a lark I put one of the 300b amps, that was sitting idle, in there and it's still there. The G's are nowhere near the effiency of your VS's so you should be fine power wise. I think everyone should try SET at least once in their audio life.
FYI; thanks for the information, it's good to hear from someone that has the same amp. I now have an Allnis T1500a Integrated 300B amp ordered.
Let us know your impressions.
I received the Allnic T1500a (Integrated 300B amp 12.5 watts) today. After unpacking it and letting it sit in the room to get to room temperature (5 hours) I hook it up and put on a CD. Running the amp as an integrated unit it sounded fantastic, as the first track of the CD played. Very full detailed sound with excellent bass (but remember my speakers have a powered class D built in amp). I'm anxious to hear what this baby will sound like when the unit and tubes burn in. Eventually I'll also try using my Aesthetix Calypso tube preamp with the amp.