Floorstanding speakers with Conrad Johnson amp/pre

Hey all,

I'm trying to choose a pair of floorstanding speakers to go with my current system. They will be driven by my Conrad Johnson Evolution 2000 or MV75A1, either with a Premier Ten preamp. My current speakers are the Energy Veritas 2.4 towers which are great speakers but my pair have some issues. I am not opposed to ribbon and I am not constrained by size - in fact, the taller and heavier the better (No WAF here!). I like speakers with many drivers and black is the color of choice. I've been casually looking at the B&W 8xx series and the VMPS RM40 to give you an idea. Listening tastes range from acoustic to IDM, classical, alternative, classic rock, and hip hop (instrumental).

I want to stay below $2000 used and ideally under $1500. Thanks!
You have a wealth of choices, but I have always enjoyed ribbons or hybrids with my CJ gear. A used pair of Apogee Slant 8s would work very well with your Evo 2000, and should be quite affordable as well.

I had a pair of Cepheus 6s in my living room for years, and still miss them. Very fast and smooth yet detailed mids and highs. Not the last work in bass volume but the 8s are certainly better in that regard then the 6s.
In your price range, you might consider the DCM TFE-200 ($1000/pr). They are sold direct with a 30-day trial. Never heard them with C-J gear, but they sounded very good with a 25-watt Jolida tube integrated, in a fairly large room at a show. Here is a link: http://www.mitekfactoryoutlet.com/products/brand.cfm?brand=6

Another contender to audition is the Vandersteen 2Ce Signature II (~$2000/pr). Many Vandy dealers are also C-J dealers, so a relevent audition should be possible.